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What an asshole 10 years ago
That guy was a loser - she hated it
jones 10 years ago
White guys cannot fuck, period.
They are so guffy as guffy can be.
Michael 7 years ago
He got her pregnant without letting her know. Not nice.
Avada Kedavra 10 years ago
that girl obviously hated it, her tight pussy cant obviously handle the loser guys huge dick. It probably hurt like hell for her, but whatya gonna do, she needs the money.
moimoi 11 years ago
always good to impregnat women..
3 years ago
This girl is so hot
3 years ago
Hey how
Fuckya 5 years ago
Always perfect tits
bershka 12 years ago
the girl,dont like it..i feel she was hurt...but she still did it not for fun but for .....pity girl...
I bet she is 7 years ago
Preggo with that big cock